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As the Appraisal Institute continues to monitor guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization, AI is taking seriously the health, safety and well-being of its professionals, customers and staff during the coronavirus pandemic. In this fluid environment, the Appraisal Institute encourages its professionals to remain aware of developments […]

The SWOT Analysis

Should commercial appraisals emphasize a particular client’s risk perspective? For financial institutions, chief appraisers are concerned about collateral risk. Its impact on the quality of loan origination. For buyers, addressing potential investor red flags for proper due diligence is paramount. A property-specific risk analysis would add an additional desirable dimension to appraisals. The commercial appraisal […]

As a job manager or chief appraiser at a bank

As a job manager or chief appraiser at a bank, appraisal workflow can be handled by Outlook/Excel, outsourced to AMCs or third-party workflow platforms. Sometimes when we’re talking with prospects about our workflow platform YouConnect we hear, “Yeah, we’re good” and “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” Understandably, you’re busy. Very busy. There’s little […]

Teamwork is defined as a collaborative effort

Teamwork is defined as a collaborative effort of a group to achieve a common goal or to complete a task in the most effective and efficient way. Simple enough, but are the team players  on your appraisal department engaged? A recent Dale Carnegie white paper suggests that; “Engaged Employees (EE) are a competitive advantage, and […]

De-risking the bank

Is your appraisal workflow and vendor management system in-line with your financial institutions interconnected strategic initiatives? Linda Tuck Chapman is the author of Third-Party Risk Management, Driving Enterprise Value. It’s an excellent read for those in the strategic relationship space working to provide financial institutions with more opportunities to innovate. In the book, she highlights […]

To Catch A Thief

The fact is that unless you’re an attorney or a CPA you probably don’t run time or project management software like Timeslips, Zola, Toggl, Mind42, Rescue Time or others. And as a result you aren’t and really can’t bill clients in that fashion; if you could, today’s tech tools could help solve the problem. Maybe. At […]

The Next Crash

When I’m networking with commercial real estate professionals, the question of “When is the next crash?” often comes up. Maybe it’s human nature. My current local market in the Tampa Bay area is performing very well, in most if not all sectors. Brokers are doing very well with many inbound prospects and little need for […]