Products & Services

Commercial Appraisal Review

L-CAM has a nationwide network of commercial appraisal reviewers. Most of our members are MAI, AI-GRS -designated appraisers with at least 25 years experience in the field.  In addition to our members, we work with qualified reviewers in all 50 states, as well as the US Virgin Islands, Mexico, Canada and Europe. L-CAM is capable of providing licensed reviewers in states that require a state licensed review.

To get the right reviewer for your appraisal, please contact us via email or call (708) 406-9616.

Residential Appraisal Review

L-CAM’s Residential Appraisal Review service is based on our dedication to providing state of the art appraisal review procedures and professional relationships with our customers. We are known for our ability to meet your appraisal review needs and deliver accurate, compliant and timely residential appraisal reviews based on your requirements. Our reference list is extensive. We are experts in state and national regulations and requirements. Our clients benefit from access to a nationwide appraisal review panel with unique qualifications, practiced customer relations and knowledge of the communication necessary to fulfill our assignments at the highest level of the industry. Our principals and panel members typically have over 25 years of experience in single family residential appraisal review preparation. Our reviewers are typically successful fee appraisers or previous bank officers (numerous chief appraisers) with extensive experience in the valuation process and the knowledge that leads to successful loan closings in a timely manner. We are proud of our accountability, accuracy and efficiency. Our national network provides the knowledge and experience necessary to complete reviews or help with policy and procedures for any size lending institution. We also provide review services for special clients with specific needs other than loan production. To get the right reviewer for your appraisal, please contact us via email or call (708) 406-9616.